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Email is Where Keystrokes Go to…

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His point was clear: Every keystroke you type is one stroke closer to your last. And because every keystroke counts Read More...

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Free Download Mastering Creativity First Edition

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These are questions that we don't often ask ourselves, but they are built into our beliefs and actions about many Read More...

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Three Simple Ways to Make Exercise…

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A lot of people want to build an exercise habit that sticks.  A 2012 survey analyzed the top ten habits Read More...

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Three Ways to Improve Your Sleep

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Most people aren't getting enough sleep, plain and simple. But and this is the important thing to realize we don't Read More...

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Lessons on Living a Meaningful Life

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It was 1967 and the Civil Rights Movement was at a tipping point. On this particular evening, African, American leaders Read More...

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Photo Essay The Isle of Skye…

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I believe that creativity is one of pillars of living healthy and fulfilling life. Because I write about each week Read More...

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How to Build Muscle and Strength

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Nearly 2,500 years ago, there was a man of incredible strength and athleticism roaming the hills of southern Italy. His Read More...

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What I’m Reading in Fall Edition

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For each of the books below, I have assigned a rating and written a three sentence review, which summarizes my Read More...

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Measure Backward Not Forward

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We often measure our progress by looking forward. We set goals. We plan milestones for our progress. Basically, we try Read More...

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